PAMM System

Pamm System

By using Land-FX provided PAMM Account, PAMM System allows you to manage funds efficiently.
It enables the Fund Managers to be rewarded by profit sharing from the weekly, monthly, annually returns.

PAMM Account Structure

  • PAMM Account is set up with funds from the managers as well as funds from the investors.
  • Profits are distributed proportionally by the initial investments.
  • For example: Investor A with $1,000 investment in a $5,000 PAMM Account will own 20% of the total pool.

PAMM Account Profit Sharing Structure

PAMM Account profits are distributed proportionally by the initial investments.
Below is the example for 200% profit sharing.

  • For 200% return scenario ($10,000 profit from $5,000 investment), proportional profits will be distributed on the day Fund Managers appoint.
  • Example: Investor A owns 20% of the PAMM. He/she will then receive $2,000 in profits (20% of the $10,000 profits).

PAMM Account Management Fee Structure

When the PAMM Account profits are realized, Fund Manager will receive Management Fees from the Investors. Below is the example for 20% profits.

Land-FX PAMM Account Advantages

You can use your existing MT4 Platform
You can follow unlimited number of accounts with one MAM Account.
Micro lot trading is allowed (0.01 Lot).
You can use EA to manage multiple accounts automatically
Reports can be easily configured for monthly/quarterly/annually for the ease of managing your Clients.
Land-FX provides the use-friendly interfaces to manage PAMM/MAM accounts.

PAMM System Master Account Opening Criteria

  • You need to have a Land-FX Live Account.
  • Investor agreement should be in place to create PAMM Accounts.
  • To apply for MAM/PAMM system, you need to login using Land-FX mypage.

* Once your application is approved,you will receive the credentials to gain access to Land-FX interface for PAMM/MAM Account.