Spread and Swap

The difference between bid and ask price is called "spread". Example: EUR/USD is trading at BID price of 1.28007, and ASK price of 1.28021, the difference (1.4 pip) is the spread. Land-FX clients benefit from the highly competitive spreads available in the OTC Market.

Pairs Quotes Swap Point Currency
Long Short

Example of Swap calculation

If you are long 1 lot of USD/JPY overnight and the position is rolled for 1 day, the swap (the cost of holding the position overnight) is :

  • If long swap points of USD/JPY = -0.24
  • Contract size = 100,000 ( 1 Lot = 100,000 of the first-named currency)
  • Period(Day) = 1
  • Swap calculation = -0.00024 * 100,000 * 1 = -24 JPY

If when the swap is applied to your account, the currency of your account is USD and USD/JPY is 123.456, finally -0.19(USD) will be applied to your one at end of day(21:59 GMT)